Adi began writing lyrics at age 16 after hearing local hiphop artists and thinking he may be able to do the same.
 Fueled by copious amounts of coffee, Kumar will occasionally stay up till three or four in the morning trying to record the perfect track with friend Philip Mathieu, who mixes and masters his music.
 Kumar draws inspiration from artists like Rakim, Jay Z, Lauren HIll, and Drake, as well as other student rappers from Brown with whom he works.
 When rapping, Kumar becomes a different person. His calm atmosphere transforms into intense focus and precision, articulating every word with a rehearsed flow.
 "Snapback," Sincere's latest extended play, is very introspective. He draws from personal challenges and experiences, putting in immense amounts of time and energy to perfect each track.
 Grateful for others in the rap community at Brown, Kumar says they all want to put out the best music, but have tremendous respect for one another, and collaborate on cypher videos occasionally.
 Kumar describes his writing process as often coming from a line he'll think of while working on homework or walking down the street. This will often lead to a verse or even an entire song.
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