Rowers put in countless hours in the erg room of the boathouse, 
 Shafi and Betuel get out onto the water early one morning to practice.
 Betuel demonstrates the "sculling" technique she and Shafi had to learn in time for the U23 World Championships.
 Brown's boathouse lies on the shores of the Seekonk River, where both the men's and women's teams practice. The boathouse is located about a mile from the University's main campus.
 Betuel drops her blade into the water as she begins the stroke. She and Shafi had to learn a new style of rowing in just two months.
 During practice, Shafi sits at stroke, setting the pace for the rest of the boat.
 Mark Schofer, the rigger for the Brown crew team, prepares a boat for practice.
 Shafi and Betuel put in hours on the erg to train for their regattas.
 Each year the team coaches decide on a quotation that they feel best represents the graduating class. They're written on oars that hang in the erg room.
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